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I’m just starting to learn to spin yarn so that I can lay spells into it. I also would love to learn to dye my yarn, or the roving itself, with natural dyes from magically potent plants. Here are my very first efforts! A bit bumpy in places, but not so bad, I think. This little spinning kit I picked up at the local Spinners and Weavers guild show a few weeks ago. It came with a simple top-whorl drop spindle, and three bunches of merino wool roving that had already been pulled out into a long even piece, ready for spinning.

Now to research dying with rose madder so I can put some of the resulting red threads aside for Frau Holda. I’ve also been eyeing those stone-whorl Viking style spindles over at Mengloth’s Market.

Here’s my very first skein of yarn, completed. It’s a bit… uneven, but it will still serve.