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I was browsing the internet the other evening, looking through some of my favorite pagan sites. I was cozy and relaxed under a blanket, in a comfortable, drifting mind state… you know, the one that’s perfect for working magic and sensing the presence of Spirit?  My pinky finger must have brushed the touch pad on my laptop, because I didn’t open up the Forest Grove Botanica website on purpose. That was okay, though; I hadn’t checked this page for a while and so I looked around to see what might be interesting.


My eye was at once caught by the red Rowan berries.  I’d seen rowan twigs or wood shavings available before, but not berries. These would be handy to have for wardings and similar magical work, as well as making a nice offering to Frau Holda. The Rowan tree isn’t specifically sacred to Her, but I’ve received a number of intuitions that lead me to believe that She likes red things as offerings. Red berries, fruit, red cords or ribbons, which makes sense as red is a color of life and death and power, and there is some aspect of Frau Holda that is bound up in the color symbolism of scarlet in a way that I don’t fully understand.

I also see a mention of Rowanberry liquor.  What a great sacred beverage that would be! I search for and find a recipe for home made Rowanberry vodka, written charmingly in English by someone whose first language must be one of the Slavic tongues.


When I searched for Rowanberry liquor, I happened across the word vogel, (used as a brand name or some such), and the word struck me. It seemed important or powerful somehow, ringing softly in my mind.  It turns out that vogel is the German word for bird.

I consider the little forest birds, the hidden ones of the wood and meadow. I’ve always loved them, and have recently been thinking more about their potential to be spirit allies or showers-of-the-way into the hidden worlds.

I find a nature photography site featuring ten German birds, and come across a picture of an Amsel, a German (European?) blackbird.  It’s a lovely bird, and its song is enchanting as well. I think of the other little birds that seem especially powerful to me, one of which is the Wren. Amsel and Wren, two of the hidden ones of the forest, and knowers of little secrets.

Red Rowan and magic, Frau Holda the Witch-mother, and little birds. I will seek these things in trance-meditation, and soon. They ring in my mind, quiet but clear, and I would be remiss not to follow.