The Catskin Sisters

I have wanted to procure a staff to use in Seithwork and other magical work for some time now.  I used to pick up and carry ‘walking sticks’ when I was younger, both for practicality when hiking, and because they always seemed ‘witchy.’  I didn’t know exactly what magical purpose I could use a big stick for, but I liked the idea of carrying one.  Now I have a purpose for a staff!  In Seith-work, one sometimes holds a staff when in the High Seat.  Not only does it serve as the World-pillar, a conduit of power, and an aid to travel, it also keeps you from falling out of the chair if deep in trance.

I didn’t want to just grab any old branch.  I was waiting to see if an opportunity presented itself (finding a storm-fallen limb or something similar).  I also wasn’t sure what kind of wood my staff…

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