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In my (albeit brief) exploration of Helheim, I found out some interesting things, and gained a few tidbits of knowledge that I’ll lay out here for my own reference, and also for any other travelers that may find them useful.

This time when I attempted to journey, I did not ward the room with the Witch’s Foot sign (or anything at all), as I had done previously in my failed attempt. I don’t know if this had any bearing on my success.

It seemed clear that Hela has no Important Business with me, and is not particularly interested in cultivating a relationship. Good to know. Conversely, I got the sense that if I could find a way in I could certainly return to Hel, but it was obvious that I didn’t belong there. In fact, it seemed that my presence discomfited Hela in much the same manner (though to a lesser degree) as a dead person walking among the living of Midgard would be unnatural to us.

I was shown a way to call out to the shades of my ancestors and request an audience. I imagine that this technique would work equally well in the Otherworld, or in circle here in Midgard.

There is a child who is an ancestor of mine who wishes above all else to be reborn. I must keep this in mind should I find that any of my relatives are with child! She seemed a bit disappointed that I wasn’t going to be her mother, but I stand firm in my decision not to have children. If I find myself an Aunt, however, I will certainly try to be a good one, and perhaps teach the little ones a bit about magic along the way.

I think it might be possible to go to Hel for the purpose of encouraging a spirit of one’s ancestors to be reborn, and/or to get permission from Hela for a spirit to be reborn? Fertility magic from the realm of the Dead, calling a spirit into the womb?

Chanting the rune Uruz could be helpful in accessing the chthonic realms; though it is a rune of Might and of Life, still its power originates in the dark under the earth.

Should I return to Helheim, I think it might be worthwhile to speak to Modgud, should she be a being who is willing to interact with the living of Midgard.

In discussing our respective journeys into Helheim, my fellow Catskin Sisters and I found that we had encountered similar qualities within that realm. Most importantly, we agreed that Hel is a realm of shifting perspectives, and seems to be a labyrinthine place that turns and is folded in upon itself. It would be easy to become lost here, so in this realm especially stick tight to the paths you are shown, and follow closely in the footsteps of your guides.