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On Saturday, March 14th, the Catskin Sisters gathered to do a bit of High Seat work. We all acted as Seeresses in turn, and answered the questions posed to us. Mostly these involved the course of our individual paths, the near future, and specific questions about deities or spirits that we were investigating.

I asked about my endeavor to contact a spirit in crow’s form. Was I making any progress? Was it even a viable endeavor? What should I be doing to proceed?

The advice I was given was that a spirit was there in the Otherworld who was willing to make contact, but that the path to him might be winding. The Seeress said that she saw an image of a crow flying in place, flapping his wings but unable to yet come any closer.

I was advised to pray or call out to the spirit for nine nights upon retiring to bed, and to anoint myself for Dreaming during this time. The operation was still progressing, and I should keep up the level of energy I was putting into it.

So, starting the very next evening (during a waning crescent moon), I did as the Seeress advised. I anointed my ‘Third Eye,’ my neck at the base of my skull, the base of my spine, and the lids of my eyes with Dreaming Oil. I whispered words to the crow spirit. I dreamed more vividly that night (as I had done before when I anointed myself), and this time the dreams were again of travel, seeking, or adventure – with the addition of a strange sexual element each night. Tonight I will be six nights into the nine, and so far a few interesting things have happened.

The morning after the first night I was awoken by the cawing of crows.

On the fifth night, I dreamed that I was part of a resistance group fighting against a technologically and magically oppressive regime. We had several ‘safe houses’ in the landscape of this dream-world, all of which were rambling and eccentric, and which reminded me of houses I have known in my own life – one was a version of my Grandmother’s house, for instance.

Myself and another member of the group were shape shifters, and if the enemy was closing in on us or discovered one of our safe houses we used this ability to escape. I did so by turning into a crow and flying away several times during the course of the dream. (The other shape shifter seemed unsure about what he wanted to become, and once started turning into a white rabbit, only then to become a huge crocodile so he could fight). I think I also used my crow-form in a reconnaissance mission. It seemed quite natural to be in crow’s form, and I remember thinking of it like ‘oh, yeah, I remember how to do this!’

So, the fact that I was shifting into a crow, as I used to do sometimes, is encouraging. We will see what dreams are forthcoming.

Today I also found a crow’s feather outside on the ground beneath the bedroom window. It had been there for a while and was unfortunately too ragged and decayed to keep, but I take it as a positive omen regarding the progress of the Work.