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Earlier this week it hailed during a spring rain, and I collected some hailstones to make into Water of Hagalaz.








These were little pea-sized hail that melted soon after the storm passed, so this water will be charged with the energy of the ‘seed’-form of the hail rune, a six armed star – the Witches Foot. The other form of this rune is the ‘H’ shaped form, the energies of which are more overtly destructive.

This Hail-water will be used in Work involving potentiation and enabling possibilities or laying down new patterns, Wyrdwork with the seed-form of Hagalaz, and offerings to Frau Holda, one of whose signs is the sixfold star.

Hail from a powerful storm would be useful too, for scouring away that which is outworn (think of the symbolism of the Tower trump, for instance), for laying curses or working magic of destruction.

To make the Water of Hagalaz, I picked up hailstones once the storm had calmed and put them in a glass jar. (As with Storm Water or wood from a lightning-stuck tree, don’t let metal touch the substance or the energetic ‘charge’ may go out of it).

Once the stones had melted, I filtered the water through a folded piece of cheesecloth to get rid of any detritus. I poured the water into a small stoppered bottle, the lid of which has been marked with Hagalaz. Into the bottle I added a small quartz crystal charged with the energy of the rune, and a little bit of alcohol (vodka works well) as a preservative.

Hold the bottle in your cupped hands and call up the energy you wish to send into it. I called upon Holda, and thought of the driving spring storms, and chanted the Hagalaz rune. Keep the water in a cool dark place, and use it for what you will.