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This winter I ordered some dried Rowan berries (Sorbus acuparia) from Forest Grove Botanica. On the day of the Winter solstice, I put them in a bottle and filled it up with vodka. The Rowan berries were pithy, somewhere in taste between a cranberry and a rose hip. Then, I put the bottle away in a dark, cool cabinet and waited.

Now Spring is here, and the bottle of vodka has grown ruddy and tart. I’ve marked it with the wheel of the Sun, and filled it with the energy I called up as I stood in a soft Spring twilight, with the last birdcalls of evening echoing through the air and the smell of earth rising from the grass.

This neutral spirit infused with Rowan berries will have many good uses for the enterprising Witch. Sipping it to gain the protective virtue of Rowan, sprinkling some on the threshold of the house, incorporating a bit into waters or washes, or offering up some to those Powers that may find it pleasant. The Rowan is a holy tree of much virtue, and I am glad to have such a versatile infusion.