Here is my offering bowl, a vessel of copper about 8″ across.

I made this bowl in a metals class years ago, when I was an undergrad. I raised the copper and sanded it smooth, soldered on the decorative wires and polished it. I called it the offering bowl from the start – I was stumbling through just having discovered the word “Pagan” still rattling around in the modern age, and didn’t know what it really meant to offer, or even to whom I would do so – I made the bowl because I knew it was important, that it was an Offering bowl, and so being a maker I could not help but make.

Over the years the copper has darkened with patina, and the bowl itself has come, through many uses, to contain a little vortex of energy within it. It sat for several years upon a huge boulder near a stone altar that I built in a State Park – undiscovered and unmolested. It sits now on my altar at home and receives offerings to the powers that shape the world, to the land-wights, to my ancestors of flesh and blood. It is an important and well loved tool, and I am glad that I forged it with my own hands, even though at the time I didn’t know what exactly it would be.