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Today the moon is dark, the first crescent not yet visible. Yesterday there was a solar eclipse (though not visible in my part of the country). Under such a potent time, I planned today to claim the root of the Prickly Lettuce that had sprung up in my yard, to begin the process of transforming it into an Alraun.

When I dug it up, though, I found that it really didn’t have a taproot, just a mass of tangled rootlets with a puny little root in the center – a root, yes, but a taproot? An Alraun-worthy taproot? Alas, no.

After explaining to the plant what I wanted of it, and asking it to surrender it’s very root to me, I then had to tell it that, sorry, I’m not going to take you for an Alraun after all, but I’ll replant you and you can live out your life as a normal plant. I replanted it in an inconspicuous area in the front yard, watered it in, and sent some energy into it so it could heal the trauma caused by being dug up and pawed at.

Well, try, try again. I did find an online source for mandrake plants, so maybe I’ll go the traditional route…