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This morning I gathered some St. John’s Wort (Hypercurium perforatum). It blooms right around Midsummer, and is one of the penultimate Solar herbs. The flowering tops are the part used for medicine and magic.  I kept some of mine back for drying, and saved a sprig for an offering, but most went into a jar with Sunflower oil to become an oil infusion.

The instructions for oil infusions for magical purposes I found in the book ‘A Century of Spells’ by Draja Mickaharic. It’s a good little book with basic information that could be adapted easily by the intrepid Witch.
















To make an oil infusion is simple. Fill a jar with your fresh herbs, lightly crushed, and top with an appropriate carrier oil, enough to completely cover the herbal material. For mine I used Sunflower oil because its Solar symbolism would match well with that of the herb itself.

Cap the jar and store it in a cool, dark place for several weeks. In ‘A Century of Spells,’ Mickaharic recommends then filling a second jar with more crushed fresh herbs of the same type, and pouring the first batch of infused oil over the new material. After a month or two of infusing, strain the oil out into appropriate containers such as dark apothecary bottles.