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Since the summer I’ve been wanting to perform a simple rite in honor of Herne the Hunter. It all came together at last on Saturday evening, in company with my friends Lady of Bones and Wandering Woman.

Something about traditional European witchcraft really appeals to me, and I was looking forward to trying out this ritual structure – or as close as I could muster from the books and blogs I’d used as research sources.  I’d gleaned some useful information, and now It was time to put it into practice, and turn what I’d learned into knowledge. The never ending cycle!

I set up my linden-staff as our stang and hung from it the copper Mask of Herne I made years ago. To raise energy and set the place of our working apart as a sacred space, we chanted, and marked our ritual space with the passing of our footsteps.

We called to the Horned One, master of the Ghost Roads and Leader of the Wild Hunt. We each made offering, and I spilled red wine upon the earth and cast into the incense-scented fire a piece of raw beef heart (no venison at hand, alas). Our offerings and our words were heartfelt, and I believe they were appreciated. I could have asked for no more.