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Last Wednesday my I gathered with the Catskin Sisters at a Sumbel held at Wandering Woman’s place. It was a wonderful time, and many worthy toasts were made, many words of praise sent ringing into the Well of Wyrd. The last round (by which time many sips of mead and apple-wine had passed our lips), was for oaths.

I hadn’t planned on making any oaths, because they are Serious Business and not to be taken lightly. But, gripped by the spirit of the moment (and because I understood that it was right and worthy that I do so) I did. I’m telling you here as another way to make it concrete – something that Must Be Done. This is what I swore:

To within the next calendar year, produce two works of art – something in silver for Weland Smith, and something of scarlet for Frau Holda. These works will both be sacrificed in an appropriate manner upon their completion.

I held the horn, the words were spoken-

The Wyrds have heard,

Let it be woven.