This is a great example of how the numinous often appears to us in unexpected ways. I love things like this!

The used key is always bright

Old Key Chain


First thing in the morning, as my family shuffles about in search of bathrooms and coffee, one or the other of us will tell our dreams from the night before.  Usually it’s something like “I had another stress dream … worked all night trying to send emails, but my computer was really a wood stove, so it wasn’t working.”

But recently, my son had a real doozy.  He dreamt he met — to use his words — a bunch of small gods.  Although he met quite a few, he could only remember three of them.

In his dream, the election was over, the Republicans won, and Bible study replaced all the subjects in school.  Son became a fugitive; on the lam from authorities who meant to catch him and make him Christian.

It was in his flight that he met the small gods.

In Colorado he met the Surfer God, who looks Hawaiian, and was wearing Hawaiian shorts…

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