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There is a thunderstorm brewing today, humid air and mounting cloud-banks against a field of clarion blue. The storm is far off still, but I can feel, and hear with my ‘inner ear’ a hum of vibration in the air. I feel as a tightness in my skin the eagerness of the storm’s building.

Perhaps everyone fells this restlessness and heightened sense of energy before a storm? All I know is that I’ve always felt it keenly. To me it is a witch-thing, a primal thing, a source of Power.

I love the build of thunderheads and the anvil-front of cloud where lightning is birthed. The roiling blue-grey mantle announced by a cool breath of wind, a rolling drumbeat of distant thunder.

Outwardly, I am going about my daily routine, while inwardly I peel back my lips in a glad feral grin and dance, yearning to ride the tide of storm as it sweeps across the land. It reverberates in my mind and I reach out to it, beckoning –

Come, storm! Come, storm! Come!