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Inspired by a recent essay on the Root and Rock blog about demystifying quartz crystals and their configurations, I recently took some time and meditated with a couple of quartz crystals of my own, contemplating what they’d be best used for. The information I intuited wasn’t terribly specific, but I felt it was helpful all the same, and will give me a base to work from regarding the uses of the crystals that I’ve got.

The first two crystals I queried are the largest ones I have. I bought both of them in Tucson, AZ at the gem and mineral shows a few years back, and they were both inexpensive despite their size – which I doubt would have been the case if I’d gotten them from an occult or new age retailer.

First up: The Battery

Battery Quartz

I have to admit, I think this crystal looks pretty awesome. It was the first one I saw on a table piled with quartz specimens, and I knew that I needed to take home. It’s got soft-edged, healed indentations on the sides where other crystals once grew. Now they’re just grooves; but they are spaced so that if you pick up the crystal with your right hand (as shown above) your fingers fit the grooves perfectly.

Healed recess in battery crystal

Because of this feature, I always assumed that this crystal would act as some kind of natural wand, pouring forth a laser-like beam of energy to cut a mighty circle between the worlds. It turns out that it’s natural tendencies don’t lie in that direction. The first word that came ringing into my mind when I sat down and contemplated this stone was battery. This crystal has a low, steady hum to it and seems confidently grounded,almost like a pillar or omphalos. I got the feeling that this stone could be used as a storehouse for power to be tapped at later time, or could act as the central fixture/generator of a working which would radiate power over an area. (I don’t know anything about setting up crystal arrays to perform specific tasks.  I’ll have to ask my friend Lady of Bones, as crystal and mineral magic is one of her specialties).

I’ll likely fill this crystal with surplus energy and store it for a boost to workings that need it. I don’t know if I should do so with my own energy, or that of an outside source. It seems to me that a large quartz filled with concentrated woo-juice just sitting around on a shelf might attract unwanted astral things, so I also don’t know if, once charged up, a crystal like this would need to be shielded or made ‘dim’ in some way. More research needed!

Next up: The Tower

The second crystal I queried felt much different than the first. It had a higher, faster hum to it, and seemed to be constantly funneling or moving energy through itself, from the base to the tip. I noticed a small, square recess near the top of the stone that looked like a window, so I decided to call this one the Tower.

Tower Quartz

I got the feeling that this crystal could be used to focus and direct energy, since it seemed to have a steady active stream running through it. I also think this point would be useful in accessing information held in energetic form on the astral (like “accessing the Akashic Library” maybe), but I’m not sure how to use it to go about doing this.

Detail of 'tower' quartz

The sides of this quartz point show what I think is a ‘lineated’ configuration. I suspect this may relate to the ‘information decoding/transfer’ vibes I got from this crystal, but I’m not sure. Again, further research and experimentation is needed to really home in on what this quartz does best.

I have several smaller crystals that I was given years ago by an acquaintance who had mined her own in Arkansas. Among them are a tabular quartz, a thin, ice-clear point, another clear-tipped and lineated point that I think might be some kind of “energy knife,” and a small chunky point with a ‘channeler’ configuration. I’ll be sitting down with them in the near future, to see what aid they can best give, and after that I’ll see if I can figure out if any of my crystals will work especially nicely in concert with each other.