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Because I am feeling restless, and my thoughts this season continue to be Mars – colored and to paw at me like hooves, here’s a record of a dream I had earlier this winter that I’ll share with you.

Dec 16th 2013

I had gone to bed quite early, and woke up thirsty at about 3:30 am. I got a drink of water and went back to bed.

I dreamed that I was at a large, rowdy party with several people I knew in the dream, but I don’t think they were individuals that I know from the waking world. The party was in an expansive old house and most everyone there was some flavor of Pagan. A lot of semi undress and back rub chains (Ugh, college flashback)! The only part that’s relevant for the rest of the story is that I was invited to a private ritual to be held the next day by the party’s hosts.


The ritual took place in a large room paneled with warm wood. I got the feeling that it was supposed to a room in a Unitarian Universalist church. The two women and one man who led the ritual were dressed in brightly colored paisley robes, very 1960’s counterculture in fashion. They carried tall carven staves, and raised energy by singsong chanting and dancing around a circle. I thought it was rather silly, until I realized that they had erected a pretty solid circle, and had raised a lot of power.

Suddenly I was overtaken a rush of wild energy, crackling through my body. One of my fellow ritual participants turned to me and said ‘when did you get so tall?!’ and another man said ‘yes, you’re like a foot and a half taller than when we started!’ I don’t remember what I said in reply, as I was simultaneously participating in the ritual and in another scene at once.

I was in an outdoor space on grassy land by cliffs along a seacoast. There were wooden pews set up in rows, like in a church, and a large grey boulder where the pulpit in a church would be. I was, in my power-amplifies state, driving a Roman style chariot pulled by two black horses, at speed, down the aisle of the ‘church,’ toward the sea-cliffs, yet never seeming to reach them.

I realized that I was acting as an aspect of the god Mars (“Mars-Mercury” was what kept coming to mind). The pews were streaming with many blood red banners. In my exultation I wanted to call out, and I knew that the ancients would have had a chant or cry appropriate to Mars (Like Io! Io! Or some such) but as I didn’t know what was proper I shouted wordlessly, teeth bared and reveling in the warlike, wild strength and unquenchable sense of power that filled me.

The alarm clock went off shortly after this, and I woke up still reeling with the threads of power that had filled me in the dream.