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I honestly don’t know if ‘Hame’ (the way I say it it rhymes with Tame) is a real word; though the Old Norse Hamr is. When I talk about The Hame I mean a shape that one can craft with one’s own energy body for the purpose of appearing in a different form, and/or a shape that resides within one’s energy body that can be called upon, put on like a cape or another skin. (This is different, at least in my own experience, with one’s Fetch; which, while it does reside in the energy body, is also a separate soul-part with a somewhat independent existence, especially once awakened).

I have a Hame that I carry with me and which I can call upon at need. It’s not something I consciously crafted myself, but it rather… appeared? Or it was there the whole time and I awakened it or activated it’s potential? I’m not honestly sure. It’s not a parasite or undesirable hanger-on or harmful entity as far as I can tell. Here are two tales involving it’s use.


I’ve always been plagued at times by nightmares. It was worst when I was very young, grew less as I’ve aged, and has waxed and waned through adulthood. Sleep paralysis, adult night terrors, the works.

In the early-to-mid 2000’s I lived alone in a cheap but spacious apartment that had been carved out of a grand old early 20th Century house. One night as I lay sleeping, I began having a nightmare. something about shadowy shapes following me, whispered voice, I don’t remember exactly. It was the kind of nightmare that seems to originate from outside the sleeper – I would start awake only to fall back into another variation of the same dream. I got the feeling that whatever was causing the nightmare was toying with me, trying to find a scenario that was really spooky so that it would have lots of fear energy to feed on.

In the dream I was sitting up in my own bed. In the doorway to the kitchen (which had morphed into a long, dimly lit hallway) stood two figures, whispering to each other. They were a boy and a girl in their late childhood years. When they noticed me, they looked up and smiled. Their eyes were a dead and inky black. One giggled, and they took a step towards me.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I read about the Black Eyed Children. ‘So that’s what they were trying to do!’ I remember thinking. Yeah, if I’d known what they were at the time of the nightmare, I might have been more scared.

But as it was, I got the feeling that these spirits were… young and inexperienced, somehow? I don’t know, for whatever reason they just didn’t scare me that much. I was tired and wanted to sleep unmolested. Fuck this, I thought. You wanna see scary? And I changed.

I smiled at the boy and girl, wider and wider. My teeth elongated into translucent jagged fishbone shards. My eyes glazed over, opaline white. My shoulders hunched, my arms grew longer, the hands tipped with long scalpel-claws. I growled deep in my throat, licked my teeth, and charged.

I chased them down the spooky hallway and they ran like little bitches, so I slunk back to my bed, satisfied. I didn’t have any nightmares for a long time after that.

I remembered the form I’d called forth, though. From that time forward, it’s been available for me to use with with a gathering of energy, and a small mustering of will.

It sits between my shoulder blades and I pull it on like a hood that then slides down and covers my whole body. Sometimes I put it on if I’m walking alone at night.


A few years ago I was studying energy work with The Catskin Sisters. A friend of mine was lying on her back on our mentor’s massage table as I slowly and intently passed my hands over her from a height of several inches. I was trying to sense her energy body and detect areas that felt unusual or different. Did any areas feel hot? Cold? Just different than the rest? If so, we’d look closer to explore what that might mean.

In the area of her liver I felt something like a ball of prickly static. My mentor felt it too, and we asked my friend if she minded if I removed it. My mentor told me to cup the prickly ball in my hands and gently pull it from her energy body, but that’s not quite what I did.

Instead, I pulled on the Hame and cut it out with my scalpel-like claws.

Afterwards I asked my mentor if she saw me use this form, or if she could tell me anything about it. She said that it wasn’t a part of me, that it originated outside of myself, and that when putting it on I seemed to be calling upon or connecting to something else…

After the energy-surgery procedure on my friend, I forgot to fill the wound in with calm, healing energy, so she had to heal on her own and was weepy and very emotional for several days afterward. Ooops.

I should get in touch with my mentor again and explore the composition and origin of my Hame further. (She’s moved away from my home city, but meeting wouldn’t be impossible). I’d like to come to a greater understanding of what it’s purpose is and where (and why) it originated. It seems like energy-body constructs and the wearing of shapes isn’t something that’s talked about in woo circles much (unless it’s in closed or specialized groups, which would make sense).

For me it feels like a natural extension of my own Might, and so I will continue to learn and explore.