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For a while, I’ve been wanting to explore purposeful dreaming and dream traveling, and ways to increase my magical sensitivity. It occurred to me the other day that a lot of these things are under the sphere of influence of the Moon. So, I decided to make a talisman of the moon, after seeing the magic square and sigil associated with the moon posted on one of the Tumblrs I follow. I had the spark of the idea last weekend, during the dark of the moon, so I knew that I wanted to do this project as soon as possible – while the moon was waxing.

Wine of the Moon

Last fall I was in the wine aisle at a local store and saw a bottle of wine with a label that struck me as really occult. Not on purpose, I’m sure, but nonetheless I found it so. Many months later, I saw the sigil for Luna, and it reminded me of the wine label. I wanted to incorporate both of these ideas into my Talisman. Here’s the initial sketch on cardboard in ball point pen.

Lunar Talisman sketch

I know that this Talisman isn’t authentically exactly done “right.” I didn’t just copy the sigil of luna directly from a book, but modified it so that the Talisman would be aesthetically pleasing. I don’t know what the planetary alignments were when I sat down and made it. I didn’t use virgin parchment. And so on.

Whenever I have an idea for an occult or magical project, I’m always hampered by thoughts of whether or not I’m doing it Exactly The Right Way. I feel like if I’m not going about it The Right Way, then any effort I put into it (It being spells, magical art, whatever) will be in vain. I’m also hampered by a sense that the project, to be really successful, must be amazing and grandiose enough that… well, that I never actually am able to accomplish it. Enough of those hampering thoughts! I was going to just do a thing, and that thing was going to be cool!

Tonight I went ahead with the Lunar Talisman. I started with two pieces of Strathmore 80lb drawing paper, 5″ square. I used two instead of one double sided piece so that it would be nice and solid when I pasted the two sides together, and so that I wouldn’t have to worry about smearing the lines on one side while working on the other.

Initial background color

To keep the curves of the crescent moons consistent, I laid them out using the bottom of a wine glass as a template. For the front of the Talisman, I drew my initial layout lightly in pencil, then painted it with Acrylic paints thinned with distilled water into which I’d infused some Mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris). (By ‘infused,’ visualize me putting some water and dried Mugwort into a mug and warming it up in the microwave. Authentic Witchcraft). The musky smell of the Mugwort wafted across the table as I was painting, and as I had the back door ajar, the sounds of chirping insects and other night creatures provided background audio, along with the album Change in the Neon Light by Veil Veil Vanish.

Silver point

For the back of the Talisman, I wrote out the magic square of the moon. Both the grid and the numbers themselves I wrote with a silver point – in this case a piece of .999 fine silver that I liberated from my silver scraps can at work, and smoothed into a pencil-like shape. The lines are faint, but will darken with age.

Kamea of Luna

Here is the front of the completed Talisman. After the paint dried on the front I drew the final line work with a silver metallic rollerball ink pen. The only thing left to do is paste the two sides together back to back, press, and let dry.

Talisman of Luna

I will set this Talisman of Luna on my altar when I honor the Moon at the new and the full (as I should, instead of just casual appreciation, if I want to delve deeper into dreams, illusion, and Seeing). I’ll also use it as a focus in Workings that have a lunar bent, or when the powers and influences of the Moon are called for.