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There is a partial Solar Eclipse tomorrow, with a new moon in Scorpio. I asked of two different decks if I should do any kind of magical working around the time of the eclipse, and if so, what?

1) Dreampower Tarot (Trumps only), 3 card draw: Adam Kadmon, The Tangler, Union.

The first card represents awakening to one’s higher self, especially in the sense of being connected to and aware of universal connections. The figure on the card is either emerging out of a dark field of stars, or dissolving into it. With regards to my query I think it speaks to dissolution of the Ego in pursuit of a greater goal.

The second card represents both being the master of threads at the center of a web, and being bound by a thousand threads at the same time. Could this be telling me that a solar eclipse Working is more trouble than it’s worth, or will have unintended consequences?

The third card echoes the evolution beyond Self that the first card expresses.

2) Rohrig Tarot, 3 card draw: 4 of Wands, Hanged Man, Queen of Wands

The 4 of Wands is Completion. It represents independent creative work and solidifying one’s own success.

The Hanged Man (according to the guidebook for this deck) represents someone who has thrown off the shackles of worldly attachment and looks toward a more spiritual existence – “He has ceased to dram of ‘having’ and has begun to live the dream of ‘being.’”

The Queen of Wands is a mature, feminine, fiery energy. She is loving, but has the power to assert herself.

These cards didn’t seem like they had a whole lot to do with my question, but I think I just needed more information. I had kind of been thinking of some Working having to do with power, control, acquisition – streamlining my life and reducing my current stressors and troubles. I must admit, I was thinking along the lines of ‘Tapping into cool powers.’

But what is the symbolism of a partial eclipse, anyway? Was I taking the wrong track by thinking of it in terms of a darkened, Cthonic sun?

From Cathy Pagano’s Wisdom of Astrology page:

“This week’s Scorpio New Moon is also a partial solar eclipse, visible in most of North America and eastern Asia.  A solar eclipse occurs when the Sun, Moon and Earth align and we see the Moon moving across the face of the Sun.

“This alignment disrupts the usual flow of solar energy, dissolving old energy and behavior patterns so something new can manifest.

Ah. That makes sense.

“Scorpio wants us to feel what the right action is to take, and that means seriously looking into the unconscious to understand what we really feel and want out of life.  Not what we think we should want.   Not what we’ve been told to want.  But what we truly desire.  

“And that means understanding our feelings of vulnerability and our fears concerning betrayal, violence, rejection and self-worth, and the unconscious defense mechanisms which keep us from our authentic truth.”

“…Scorpio’s strength is that it isn’t afraid of the Dark, and so when the Sun is in Scorpio, it is a perfect time to look at our Shadows and see what we’ve been in fear of, suppressing and repressing.”

“When we can look within and see how those stuck emotional patterns keep us from what we truly want in life, we can consciously choose to shed those old patterns like a snake skin.  What may have protected us in the past no longer serves our on-going life and we have to die to an old way of being and acting, to be re-born to a higher level of consciousness.”

“…When we go through dark times, we often feel alone.  But Spirit is always helping us, even when we don’t recognize it. 

Oh. Well. I see. Now the cards make a lot more sense. It’s a good time for releasing old energy patterns and habits that are detrimental. A good time for (continuing) Shadow Work, perhaps. I shouldn’t be trying to tap into something new and shiny, but instead I should be examining those things that hold me back, that keep me afraid, that prevent me from being my best self and that dim my vision of my way forward.

I’ve been thinking about these things a lot lately, as it turns out. Even though it seems New Age-y and magazine column feel-good-y to say ‘Oh I just need to work on getting in alignment with my higher Self,’ it looks like that is what I need right now. That is the gate to which I need the key.

Considering this Work gives me feelings of trepidation and a little dread, which tells me that it is probably in fact really necessary! Very well.