In which I talk about some magic that I did. Complete with pictures. I don’t think the whole thing will be ruined because I ‘m talking about it; at least I hope not. I’ve decided to share this with you, readers, as a good example of the principle of “Stop Thinking About How Cool It Would Be To Do Some Magical Work, And Actually Go Do It.”


Before I went to bed last night, I thought to myself ‘I really should do some kind of magic tomorrow Re: the partial solar eclipse/new moon, especially since I just bothered to do all that divination and found out that it’s a great time to throw off the old husks of thoughts and patterns that are holding me back!’

And today when I woke up, I thought the same thing. I should really do something….

‘At least I’ll wear my strand of Rutilated Quartz beads today’, I thought. And so I did. The water-clear quartz beads with golden rutile needles in them seem to embody the idea of Solar and Lunar energies together.

Rutilated Quartz Beads

What could I do though, as far as a magical working? I hadn’t really planned ahead. I didn’t have a bunch of magical supplies laying around at work. Maybe I could… draw something? Lets see… I have pencils and markers. Paper. Colored pencils! And a stick of 22K gold.

As the idea of creating a Sigil to charge with Eclipse energy grew more firm within my mind, it carried with it thoughts to the effect of ‘the thing you are about to do was an idea thrown together without careful planning and intensive research! It is something that is easily within you capabilities! IT IS THEREFORE A STUPID IDEA.’

But I decided to blithely ignore those negative thoughts and go ahead.

Here is the way I arrived at a Sigil – by distilling the words of a sentence down to it’s unique component letters and so on, which you will be familiar with if you have heard of Austin Osman Spare or practice magic or are alive in the Twenty-first Century. (I might be sarcastically over stating the matter, yes).

A Sentence of Desire

I decided to take it one step further and refine the Sigil into an image.

Sun and Moon Together

Wisdom – the Right Road and the capability of taking it. Movement toward the future. Upwelling of energy/vitality/confidence. New beginnings. All this encapsulated by two crescent moons and a flame-rayed Sun. Not too bad.

I scribbled over certain parts of the drawing with the piece of gold, so I’m sure there are a few molecules of the Solar Metal clinging to the paper somewhere.

Later that afternoon (once, OF COURSE, the sky had partially clouded up, obscuring the Sun somewhat), I laid the drawing in the large, South-facing window that the workshop has and let it bathe in the faint sunbeam. Then I held it up to the sun and visualized the Solar energy streaming down into it, making the paper glow with silver/gold light.

I visualized the energy streaming down into me as well, into my heart where it would strengthen me and help slough away the outworn husks of fear and doubt and stagnation.

Then I folded up the drawing and tucked it inside my bra, against my left breast, and I wore it there until after the Sun had set.