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Before we begin, let me remind my readers that The Threefold Law, The Law of Return, and the Wiccan Rede are not precepts universally held to be of importance among all workers of magic.


I have always been interested in Otherworldly dogs, the spectral guardians and hunters of myth. There is a rich tapestry of lore to draw from in European history and legend about the various kinds of these creatures: Hellhounds, Wisht Hounds, Black Dogs, the Hounds of Hekate, and Cerberus, among others.

This post describing a curse crossed my Tumblr dash the other day, and I thought it had the bones of a workable process to harry an enemy with spectral hounds. In reading over it, I thought of some ‘tweaks’ I might make if I myself had need to destroy an enemy in this manner, as well as questions about or expansions upon its construction. I’ll explore my thoughts step by step.

“What you’ll need:  five bowls, a fire, a piece of the victim’s clothing or hair (something with their scent), a necklace.”

“Part 1:

  • Create a summoning space around each bowl.  This could be a circle drawn or an elaborate summoning sigil.  I personally prefer the last.  Just make sure that it will contain the ghost hounds you are calling forth.
  • Create a change to summon the hounds of your choosing.  Here is a sample chant “Great hounds of death, beasts from the realm of shadows – I call forth five you!  Within these five spaces you shall come.  By my hand and by my will, it is so.”
  • Once you have brought the hounds into the spaces, you will have to appease them.  To do this, give them a small offering (it could be the bones of an animal, the blood of an animal, etc).  Remember, this is to satiate them.  Place the offering into each bowl.”

The hounds here described are being called up to pursue and tear apart five aspects of the victims life, such as ‘family’ or ‘college.’ I feel that these categories are too vague and all-encompassing, and that the sender of the curse would be better served by sending her dire beasts against something more specifically stated – ‘tear apart the bond between my enemy and his lifelong friend,’ for example, or ‘harry her thoughts waking and sleeping, so that her failure in exams of Law is certain.’

In any case, I think an effective harrying could be accomplished with just one tenacious hound. Five is a pack entire, you would really have to want to reduce your curse-target to a crater of smoking ash.

My greatest question, though, is this: who are these Hounds that the sorcerer is summoning up? The answer might vary depending on what kind of forces one normally works with. I myself might address them as ‘Sleek Alaunts colored of Night and Cloud, Thou who art in the train of the Furious Host,’ while another might call up ‘Blazing-Eyed Dogs of the Mistress of Crossroads,’ or ‘Yeth Hounds of the windswept moors.’

In any case, if I were undertaking this working I would figure out what (or whose) hunting dogs I was calling, and address them directly, by name if possible. If the dogs were under the command of a deity, I might start by asking the handler’s permission before borrowing them. If the vicious hounds were thought-forms I myself had wrought from anger and shadow, I would visualize them, and name them each, and call them forth.

In all of these cases, I would put a time limit on their task; and offer to them in thanks at the end as well as in supplication at the beginning.

“If you don’t want to bind them, then you could try striking up a deal with them.  However, I am more partial to binding.”

I myself am firmly in the ‘strike a deal’ camp, and would not begin a neutral negotiation with a spirit with whip and chair in hand like a lion-tamer of old.

  • Create a fire.   This will be the focal point of the curse.  The fire should be created by the necklace.
  • Over the fire, create the curse.  Draw five sigils in front of it, representing each of the facets of the victim’s life that you want to rip apart.  
  • Say a chant to summon the curse.  Here is an example “By my hand, I call forth the great hounds to rip apart your life, for you have wronged me.  Great hounds, five in number, destroy the five aspects he holds dear.  Finance, romance, friendship, family, college.  Watch as the hounds rip them apart.”
  • Now take the piece of the victim’s hair.  Wave the victim’s hair over each bowl so that the astral hounds obtain the person’s scent.
  • Say “You now have the scent of he who wronged me.”  Throw the object of the victim’s into the flame.  
  • Now it is time to give the hounds their payment.  Spill three drops of your blood onto the necklace. Wave the necklace through the fire five times.

I don’t understand exactly what ‘the fire should be created by the necklace’ means? Perhaps a line of text is missing, or perhaps the author means that the fire should be kindled next to the cleansed necklace, which will then be consecrated to its task.

I don’t understand the wording ‘summon the curse.’ The sorcerer is gathering the energy for the curse, or focusing it, but I don’t know about ‘summoning’.

The necklace is to be, in conclusion, given to the victim or placed somewhere where it will be near them at all times. If the sorcerer is cursing someone who is at all experienced in magic themselves, I would absolutely not put three drops of my own blood on it! In fact, I don’t really understand this necessity or purpose of this step. One’s blood is a powerful link back to you, and a personal concern that will be used against you in a court of sending back your own curse upon you if an enemy gets a hold of it in turn.

Why is the blood ‘payment’ for the hounds? Would that not be given until their task was done? Why destroy the personal effect of the victim in the fire? (The only thing I can think of is perhaps it’s being sent into the Otherworld, to be more accessible to the hunting dogs? But then why summon them directly to you)?

  • When this {the tearing apart of life aspects} has been accomplished, spill three more drops of blood onto the ground and whisper “By my will and by my hand, I release the hounds.”

This shedding of blood makes more sense, especially if the sorcerer wishes to maintain a connection to the spectral hounds he has summoned, the better to use them for future tasks. Even so, I would only shed blood for spirits I trusted and knew, should they ask it.

Would I ever work this curse? Yes, if I had need to destroy an enemy, to hunt them down and harry them like a soul before the Wild Hunt. I have thus far never had occasion to curse someone though (knock on wood).

Since I have a fondness for Otherworldly dogs and something of a spiritual connection to them, The basic premise and construction of this curse suits my taste. I could also see a variation on Hound-Summoning used to find or track a person or object, or to guard a place or doorway and alert the sorcerer to intruders (earthly or astral) or to rend any who so intruded.

Thanks to the original poster, lilfairyboy, for posting this curse. Lots of food for thought!