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A few months ago I broke one of my files at work. I wasn’t using it any different than I normally do, and under only a little pressure it snapped in my hand.

Triangle File is brokenThis was one of my named files; one I used all the time and would call upon by name when I needed it, one I would thank for it’s service. So when it broke, I had two choices – make the remains into another tool so that it would live reborn as something else, or bury it as is worthy of a fallen tool and helpmeet.

Around Summer Solstice I took it to a a secluded stream in a local park. I spoke of the file’s importance to me, and stated that I was now consigning it to the land of the dead, to the Under-the-Ground. I tossed the two small piece of steel into the water.

Why would I throw it away like refuse, when it was a tool that aided me at my craft? Better  to inter it beneath the water’s surface (as was done in ancient days with swords and armor and other ensouled things), honoring both the tool itself and by extension, Weland Smith – the one who is Patron of the Metalurgical arts in which this file aided me.

So, a small and simple act, but one of appropriate ritual significance.