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Yesterday, during the first full moon of the year, I finally consecrated a small crystal ball that I’ve had for years, dedicating it formally to the Divinatory arts. It only took a few minutes, and I here describe what I did (with notes below). A pretty standard consecration rite, a la Paul Huson’s ‘Mastering Witchcraft’ among others.

Consecration of the Show- Stone

I cradled the crystal ball in my cupped hands, standing outside in my yard. The ground was covered with a light layer of snow. I faced East, at the Hour of the Moon, on a Monday. The full moon was rising, though obscured by clouds.

I address the crystal as if it can hear and understand.

Creature of Earth! I dedicate and consecrate thee as a tool of divination, by the powers of the Moon thy Mistress!

O sphere of Berg-stone, cold and clear as ice, I purify thee in the snow of the Janus-month, at the cusp of Imbolc tide.

(I scooped up some snow and washed the crystal with it).

O creature of Earth, I will show thee the Moon’s light, but never the Sun’s. A show stone shalt thou be for me, for clear Sight into the realms of the Unseen.

By the might of Mugwort herb and by the light of the moon I consecrate thee!

I poured some tincture of mugwort over the sphere. Had the moon been visible and not obscured by clouds, I would have then held up the stone so that the moon ‘shone through’ it).

I cradled the stone in my cupped hands, and breathed three times upon it.



For the purification, I could have used salt water as is more traditional, but the snow was available, and it seemed the right thing to do.

The Hour of the Moon refers to the Planetary Hour, which I calculated by looking up a Planetary Hours chart online.

Berg-Stone is an old name for Quartz crystal.

I address the stone as a ‘Creature of Earth,’ because that is what it is: a being of the element of Earth (stone, crystal, with the qualities of cold and dryness).

A show stone is an antiquated term for a crystal ball or similar divining tool.

The tincture of mugwort I had made myself, last May in fact, and finished under a full moon, by soaking a quantity of mugwort (Artemesia vulgaris) in Vodka.

Yes, I really said all those Thees and Thous. I like the sound of such language for rites sometimes!


So, that’s it!

In the future, I will renew and strengthen the might of the stone by periodically (probably once every three months) washing it with tincture of mugwort, and/or exposing it to the light of the full moon.

The stone is stored in my witches cabinet under a square of black silk ( a scrap from one of my camisoles that had started to shatter at the armpits). It should not be exposed to direct sunlight, lest the Lunar charge be burnt out of it; at which point it would need to be purified and consecrated anew.